Family Development

No problem exists in isolation: lasting solutions must address the whole family system. The Family Development Program helps prevent homelessness by helping families build strength, stability and resources.

In Hopelink’s Family Development Program, families at risk of homelessness work with a trained Family Development Case Manager; together they focus on identifying strengths, addressing obstacles, and working to set and attain goals. Based on the success of our Transitional Housing program model, the Family Development Program works to prevent homelessness and help families on the edge of crisis move to greater stability.

Everyone needs a support system. For many of us, that safety net comes in the form of family, friends, job contacts, financial resources, skills and resilience. The Family Development Program first provides a Hopelink support system for struggling families, and then helps the family build its own support network.

The power of the Family Development Program is its holistic approach. Our Family Development Case Managers help the family determine its own strengths and direction, and then is there to support the family in making practical and lasting change.

Specific tools include:

  * Employment training and job retention skills
  * Internship placement to gain work skills and experience
  * Classes in budgeting, parenting and other life skills
  * Advocacy in legal and administrative processes
  * Connections to community resources for education, medical and mental health care, recovery from alcohol or drug abuse when necessary, and other services.

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