Families can become homeless for many reasons. Domestic violence, sudden lay-offs, unaffordable rent increases, the high cost of medical care for an unforeseen illness or injury; these are just some of the crises that sometimes leave families without a roof over their heads. Every family needs a safe, stable home base; it is especially important for children. Hopelink works on many levels to help families find or stay in safe, affordable housing.

Hopelink has a new way to access housing information by phone.  Please call 211 with any questions regarding access to Hopelink’s housing program. The 211 program is a statewide assistance line. More information at: win211.org

Eviction Prevention
When a family is in danger of losing its home in a crisis, Hopelink offers a program that can help to provide a portion of the funds needed to prevent eviction. Preventing homelessness costs at least five times less than helping a family regain stable housing after it is lost.  Please contact the closest Hopelink emergency service center to find out more about this service and how Hopelink may be able to assist. 
Contact your nearest Hopelink emergency service center.

First Month’s Rent
When a low income family is establishing a new home - often for the first time - Hopelink offers a program that can help to pay a portion of the high costs of settling into a new apartment. This kind of assistance can make the difference for a family on the verge of self-sufficiency. To learn more, please contact the closest Hopelink emergency service center. 
Contact your nearest Hopelink emergency service center.

Emergency Family Shelter
Our shelter is a short-term home base, providing support for homeless families while they look for more permanent housing. Trained case managers help families determine a realistic plan of action and get the support and resources they need. Call 211 for assistance.

Transitional Housing
Hopelink’s Transitional Housing Program is a comprehensive system to help families move from crisis to stability to self-sufficiency. Our transitional housing facilities in Bellevue, Redmond and Bothell provide a secure home for up to two years. During their time with us, each family works one on one with a trained case manager to determine their strengths, overcome obstacles, and set and meet goals.

With Hopelink’s support, families in our transitional housing achieve such successes as repairing their credit, learning to budget and manage finances, writing a resume, finding a job, learning parenting skills, and finding permanent housing. Since the program’s beginning in 1989, nearly every family that has participated in the Hopelink Transitional Housing Program has gone on to find and retain permanent housing. Call 211 for assistance.