End Summer Hunger is Hopelink's grassroots campaign that gathers the support of the local community in the form of local businesses, organizations, schools and individuals to help provide low-income families with food for kids who receive free or reduced-price meals during the school year.

Hopelink's End Summer Hunger helps feed lower income school children during the summer months

The End Summer Hunger fundraising drive runs from April through August.  Your donations go to offset the increasing need at Hopelink’s five emergency service centers in north and east King County.

The Need

Children who receive free or reduced-price meals at school come from families who struggle to provide basic necessities. The loss of this school-based nutritious food program presents an immense challenge to parents who are already squeezing every penny out of their budgets. In addition to budgeting to replace meals they must also find ways to pay for daycare for the summer since for many families both parents work. These stresses create added pressure for families to be able to pay rent or their mortgage, threatening them with becoming homeless.

Opportunities to Help

Part of the program focus is on kids helping kids through classroom coin drives. This is a way to show that students can make a difference when their spare change is added together. The idea of helping not only people in their community — but those in their own school — to have enough to eat during the summer can empower students and teach them the importance of philanthropy. Another essential component of the End Summer Hunger Campaign is the support of businesses. Every year, local businesses help raise donations of money and food that affect hundreds of families. To donate, simply go to our donation page.

For more detailed information about how to host a food or fund drive at a school, church, or through another community activity please contact Jennifer at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Download informational flyers:
Information for Businesses and Groups
End Summer Hunger Most Needed Foods Flyer
Food and Fund Drive Kit
Information for Schools