Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Last year, more than 3,786 Hopelink volunteers donated over 65,020 hours to help people in need. Please join us!


General Food Bank
Assist before, during, or after food bank hours in one or more of the following:
• check clients in and out
• assist with loading into cars
• receive, sort, and stock food donations
• greet donors and provide receipts when needed
• clean up and organize food bank as needed
**Special need – Strong folks who can move heavy cases and crates of food around the building during food bank hours
Must be age 12+ and supervised by an adult if under 16
Age 7-11 may volunteer behind the scenes sorting donations and some other tasks
Able to lift at least 35 lbs, preferably 50 lbs repeatedly
Commitment: 3 months

Food Donation Pick-Up Driver - **BIG NEED!**
• Pick up food donations from grocery stores weekday mornings, 2-3 hours per week and deliver to food banks
• Larger vehicle preferred but not mandatory
• Able to lift at least 50 lbs
• 18+ with valid WA State driver’s license and insurance
• Food Worker’s certification preferred
Commitment: 6 months, weekly

Home Delivery Driver - **BIG NEED!**
• Deliver food to home-bound clients
• Able to lift at least 25 lbs
• 18+ with valid WA State driver’s license and insurance
• Commitment: 6 months

Clothing bank volunteer
• Sort donations, hang clothes, maintain display racks and keep area organized
Location: Carnation/Sno Valley Hopelink Center

Front Desk Volunteer
Refer callers, greet walk-in guests, type, and computer data-entry. Must be 18+, fluent in reading, writing, and spoken English. Bi-lingual skills helpful. Screening interview and pre-service training required.
Commitment: 6 months, 4-5 hours/wk

Housing – Moving assistance
Deliver and assemble furniture and other household items for residents.
• Can lift at least 25 lbs
• Valid WA State driver’s license and insurance.
• Minimum age – 18.

Housing – Homework Enrichment
Help children living in the Hopelink housing facility with their homework. Additional one-hour training requirement. 
Minimum age: 18 Commitment: 9 months

Housing – Childcare - Duvall
Provide enrichment opportunities and supervision for children in Hopelink Housing.
Screening interview and pre-service training required. 
Minimum age: 16 Commitment: 6 months

Adult Education – Childcare
• Childcare leaders and assistants to work with kids while parents are studying
Various locations in North and East King County, depending on the quarter and instructor availability and are offered year-round at a variety of times: morning, afternoon, and evening.
IMPORTANT: Childcare leaders are currently our biggest need. This job is vital to the success of our adult learners; lack of childcare hinders them from attending class and reaching their goals. Please consider this role!
Minimum age: 16 Commitment: 6 months

Outreach & Events
There are often many community-hosted events and drives where representation from Hopelink is requested.  Staff availability is limited due to the high demand.  You can help us to participate in many more of these and spread the word about the good work Hopelink does!
Activities may include:
• Dropping off or picking up supplies or donations.
• Writing receipts for donated food or other supplies.
• Picking up materials prior to tabling at an event.  At events, Volunteer lays out the materials on the table provided   and passes out brochures and answers questions. Feel free to bring a friend or family member! 
• Thanking the individual or group for coordinating their event and including Hopelink as a beneficiary.
Prerequisites: Age 18 + or accompanied by an adult. Attend a brief training on how to answer frequently asked questions, and go over a summary of what we do at Hopelink before signing up for an event.

Group Opportunity - Prepare and serve monthly dinner:
      Hopelink’s Redmond housing facility is looking for groups to provide dinners on the first Wednesday of every month. The group is responsible to purchase, prepare, and serve a meal to the families at Avondale. We are looking for groups to make an on-going commitment.
      The dinner is offered to all resident families (59 families) and it is usually attended by about 75 people. We offer the Wednesday dinner to help build community between the members at the facility. The volunteers are encouraged to visit with residents and create a comfortable atmosphere. There is the option to prepare and cook food on site, but all of our current groups have found it easiest to prepare at home and bring the food in. We would love to have a group willing to commit for a year. We currently have three churches serving dinner and the groups serving dinner rotate throughout the church members, so it’s not as large a commitment to a few individuals. Groups serving should be between 6-10 people.

Group Opportunity –
Adopt an Apartment:
Supply and set up a standard apartment with the furnishings and household goods needed to welcome a homeless family to our transitional housing program.
Some of the furnishings needed may be:
• Complete twin, double, queen beds
• Nightstand and Lamp, Dressers
• Small desk, bookshelf
• Couch or loveseat
• Living room chairs
• Towels and sheets
• Coffee/end tables
• Flatware/dishes/cookware
• Kitchen table and chairs
• NO glass tables, TVs, or computers

  Needs vary with each family. The volunteer group will be contacted with a list of what is required and the items will need to be assembled within one to two weeks’ time. All furniture items must be in excellent condition with no tears or stains and structurally sound. Preferably, the furniture should not be new or excessively elaborate, but at the same time, respectful of our families.
  Groups that participate in this volunteer opportunity will need to have access to a truck to deliver the furnishings and enough volunteers to set up the apartment. The volunteer group must also have a storage space for donated items until they are needed. Some groups choose to have members store their items at their homes until they arrange for a truck to pick them up.

Hopelink’s Travel Training Programs
Get people in King County moving! We empower people to change their lives by facilitating access to the community.
Come teach, learn, and experience what mobility means to the folks in your neighborhood.
Our Programs
1. Getting Around Puget Sound: These volunteers provide free one-on-one transportation assistance in community centers, libraries, events, and gathering places.
2. Travel Ambassadors: Provide travel resources and training to employees of social service agencies, medical providers, and community organizations. Their clients then benefit from staff knowledge.
3. Ride Around The Sound: Free, guided excursions on public transit for groups unfamiliar with the transportation system. Volunteers help eliminate the “fear factor” and grow the clients’ confidence.
Who we serve
We work to increase community members’ independence and mobility. The truth is—everyone has to get from point A to point B, and everyone’s situation is different. We work with low-income communities, immigrant and refugee communities, the youth and elderly, people with disabilities, veterans, and ANYONE who wants to chat with us :)
Who are YOU?
• Someone who enjoys education and people.
• Perhaps a bus rider, carpooler, or bicyclist
• A person that may have a passion for sustainability or social justice.
• Someone who knows how to get around! And wants to help bring a source of independence to individuals.